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Terms and Conditions


  1. Reservations:  Deposit: A $250 deposit is required at the time of booking. The receipt of this deposit does not imply acceptance by the Lessor of the booking. Only when the booking has been confirmed by the Lessor is the deposit accepted, as the first installment of the total payable. If a deposit is not received within 14 days the reservation will be canceled.
  2. Payments:  Payment of all rental charges are due upon PICKUP of the vehicle. An additional, fully refundable, $1000 deposit is required upon PICKUP to cover the unlikely insurance costs of an accident. Payment must be made in US dollars by cash, or major credit card.THERE WILL BE NO REFUND OF TIME CHARGES FOR LATE PICKUP OR EARLY RETURN.
  3. Cancellation Policy:  All cancellations must be received in writing. There is a non-refundable administration fee of $50 for bookings that are cancelled. If reservations are cancelled 30 to 8 days prior to pick-up there is a $250 cancellation fee. 7 days prior to pick-up there is a $250 or 50% of rental charge (which ever is greater) fee. There is a 100% of rental charge cancellation fee on “no shows”. Vans are cleared for rehire after 1 day if you “no show”.
  4. Security Deposit:  Security/Damage Deposit is $1000 CASH or CREDIT CARD and is fully refundable less any damage, loss of equipment, cleaning, refueling, extra days and extra mileage fees. This must be in cash or credit card and is due upon departure.
  5. Driver License / Driving Age:  All drivers must possess a drivers license valid for the entire rental period and a major credit card. An international drivers license is recommended for foreign tourists. Minimum age of 25. Only valid drivers listed on the contract are allowed to drive the vehicle (maximum of 2 drivers). All drivers and their drivers licenses must be present at the time of pickup.
  6. Vehicle Pickup and Return:  Vehicles are available for pickup and drop off from 9am to 6pm pacific standard time (PST) six days a week. Sunday pickup and drop off is from12pm to 4pm PST. Advance phone calls save a lot of time and trouble. We are flexible as long as arrangements are made.
  7. Travel Restricted Areas:  Travel into Mexico or Canada is NOT permitted and will result in immediate forfeit of deposit. Driving on un-maintained and/or closed roads is not permitted. Lessor is responsible for all damages to vehicle, tires, towing charges, and other expenses as a result of a breakdown associated with operating in these areas. Lessor is responsible for all operating citations and parking tickets accrued during rental term. Travel outside of the Southwest is permitted with written agreement prior to signing the contract.
  8. Restrictions:  Smoking is not allowed in the vehicles. This is for sanitation as well as fire hazard reasons. A minimum cleaning fee of $250 will be charged for smoking. Pets are only allowed with written authorization, and are subject to a $100 fee per pet. Towing of anything is prohibited at all times. Sitting or standing on roof of vehicle is not allowed at any time and will result in a $500 fee. All doors must be kept closed and all seats must be in the upright position while vehicle is in motion. Camper pop-top must be locked in down position and all gear must be properly stowed during vehicle operation. Use common sense and proper judgement at all times while using the vehicle.
  9. Insurance:  If you are a US or Canadian resident and have auto insurance coverage that covers rentals and you have full coverage (liability, comprehensive, and collision) you will need to provide us with your insurance information prior to the rental. It is your responsibility to confirm your coverage (when speaking with your insurance carrier refer to our vans as ‘mini vans’ - they are not considered to be RV’s). Otherwise you will be required to purchase our Vehicle Replacement Fund at $25. per day which offers the minimum statutory liability coverage in the USA. You will be driving without comprehensive and collision coverage with a $1000 fee per accident occurrence. Insurance provided by credit card companies is not valid as they do not cover VAN rentals.
  10. Accidents:  If you are involved in a collision, get the drivers license number and insurance information from all other persons involved. See that a police report is made if there is an injury or if damages exceed $500. Call us as soon as you are safe so we can assist you. The security deposit covers you for a single accident. You may be liable for a further deposit. The rates and prices quoted are in US dollars and are subject to change without notice.
  11. One-Way Hires:  It is possible to commence your hire in Las Vegas and finish at another location (or vice versa), for a fee conditional of where the drop off is requested, when the rental period is a minimum of fourteen (14) days. This charge is payable when final payment is made, 7 days before pick up date.
  12. Fuel: The fuel tank will be full on pickup and has to be returned full.  Always re-fill with SUPREME grade (91 octane) fuel. Drop-off refueling will be charged against your security deposit at a rate of $5/gallon. Propane is provided with your hire. If you must re-fill the propane tank, keep the receipt for reimbursement.
  13. Driving Fines: If you are fined or penalized for breaking any traffic laws, you are liable to pay the fine.
  14. Windshield and Tire Damage: Windshield damage is the responsibility of the renter / driver. Make sure to note prior damage. Damage to tires and the cost of puncture repairs is also the responsibility of the renter.


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