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Before meeting, Bill lived and worked in Huntington Beach, California. As most do in HBC, he spent most of his time playing in the sensational outdoor environment California has to offer. Diane, a native of Vancouver, British Columbia, lived and worked in coastal California. She too enjoyed the great outdoors having a lifetime history of family camping adventures in the Great White North!

Diane and Bill met on the worldwide web and for the first time, in person, at Starbucks in Dana Point, CA in 2002. Diane was working in the graphic design/visual communication industry whilst Bill was vending surf boards out of a converted GMC bread truck on Beach Boulevard. On Valentine’s Day in 2004 the adventure seeking, outdoorsy, travel hungry couple were engaged and later married that year in Laguna Beach, California.

Bill literally had a dream one night about driving one of his old Volkswagens in Hawaii. Having a future trip already booked to the islands the couple decided to look into renting a VW while on their vacation. Alas, a small VW rental company did exist, and a pivotal trip in a VW Vanagon was taken.

“No matter where you go you’re making instant friends, everybody’s got some (VW) story.” - Bill Staggs, The Bus Movie

Come and see for yourselves how Bill and Diane have created a fun retro vibe involving the iconic Volkswagen and experience for yourselves an immediate escape from the everyday doldrums - A QUINTESSENTIAL AMERICAN ROAD TRIP in a Volkswagen camper!

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